Beethoven – Für Elise and Bagatelles Opp. 33, 119 & 126


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When we think of Beethoven and the piano, his monumental ‘Thirty-Two Sonatas’ come to mind. They have often been referred to as the ‘New Testament’ to Bach’s ‘Old Testament’, the ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’. However, over a period of decades, Beethoven constantly returned to the genre of the ‘Bagatelle’. He called them ‘trifles’, but this small form par excellence actually meant a great deal to him. As with the ‘Sonata’, Beethoven laid the foundations for a flourishing new genre of piano miniatures. Whether they last a few minutes or a few seconds, these ‘Bagatelles’ are masterpieces, rendered with in all their brief perfection by the infallible Paul Lewis.

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Paul Lewis (piano)


Harmonia Mundi




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