Badfinger, Badfinger/Wish You Were Here


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1-1 I Miss You
1-2 Shine On
1-3 Love Is Easy
1-4 Song For A Lost Friend
1-5 Why Don’t We Talk?
1-6 Island
1-7 Matted Spam
1-8 Where Do We Go From Here?
1-9 My Heart Goes Out
1-10 Lonely You
1-11 Give It Up
1-12 Andy Norris
Wish You Were Here
1-13 Just A Chance
1-14 You’re So Fine
1-15 Got To Get Out Of Here
1-16 Know One Knows
1-17 Dennis
1-18 In The Meantime / Some Other Time
1-19 Love Time
1-20 King Of The Load
1-21 Meanwhile Back At The Ranch / Should I Smoke
In Concert At The BBC 1972-3
2-1 Better Days
2-2 Only You Know And I Know
2-3 We’re For The Dark
2-4 Sweet Tuesday Morning
2-5 Feelin’ Alright
2-6 Take It All
2-7 Suitcase
2-8 Love Is Easy
2-9 Blind Owl
2-10 Constitution
2-11 Icicles
2-12 Matted Spam
2-13 Suitcase
2-14 I Can’t Take It

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