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The heart of this double album is Johann Sebastian Bach’s late masterpiece The Art of Fugue. It reflects Trifonov’s insight into family life and the musical practice of one of the greatest composers of all time. Works by four of Bach’s sons and two favorite pieces of the Bach family can also be found on this recording, on which both pieces of light-hearted dance quality can be heard, but also the grandeur and heaviness of the Chaconne in D minor.

The album begins cheerfully with a family portrait in the form of four enchanting works by Bach’s sons. Trifonov’s suggestive interpretation of Bach’s Art of Fugue is based on the idea of ​​the work as a cycle, as a living, organic whole. This corresponds to the inspiration he draws from nature, be it on hikes or while practicing qigong, a form of meditation and movement that also refers to the healing energy of the trees. “The tree is a good picture for the overall concept of the art of the fugue,” says Trifonov. “The theme is the trunk, the joints are the branches, the permutations within each joint are the leaves.” For Bach’s last contrapunctus, which was not completed by Bach, Trifonov wrote a seamless, stylistically appropriate ending.

  • Sonata No. 5 In A Major, Op. 17
  • 1-3 12 Polonaises, F. 12: No. 8 In E Minor 5:17
  • 1-4 2 Clavier-Sonaten, 2 Fantasien Und 2 Rondos Für Kenner Und Liebhaber, Wq. 59: IV. Rondo In C Minor, H. 283 4:46
  • Variations On “Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman”
  • 1-24 Musette In D Major, BWV Anh. 126 (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach, 1725) 0:56
  • 1-25 Aria “Gedenke Doch, Mein Geist, Zurücke”, BWV 509 (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach, 1725 0:42
  • 1-26 Minuet In A Minor, BWV Anh. 120 (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach, 1725) 1:33
  • 1-27 Minuet In F Major, BWV Anh. 113 (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach) 2:56
  • 1-28 Polonaise In F Major, BWV Anh. 117b (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach 1725) 0:57
  • 1-29 Polonaise In D Minor, BWV Anh. 128 (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach 1725) 3:41
  • 1-30 Choral “Gib Dich Zufrieden Und Sei Stille”, BWV 511 (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach 1725) 1:05
  • 1-31 Minuet In G Major, BWV Anh. 114 (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach 1725) 1:45
  • 1-32 Minuet In G Major, BWV Anh. 116 (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach 1725) 1:12
  • 1-33 Polonaise In G Minor, BWV Anh. 125 (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach 1725) 1:09
  • 1-34 Minuet In C Minor, BWV Anh. 121 (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach 1725) 1:33
  • 1-35 Bist Du Bei Mir (Formerly Attrib. J.S. Bach As BWV 508, Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach 1725 ) 3:29
  • 1-36 Chaccone In D Minor For The Left Hand (Piano Studies No. 5) 15:01
  • The Art Of The Fugue, BWV 1080
  • Jesu, Joy Of Man‘s Desiring

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Daniil Trifonov (piano)


Deutsche Grammophon




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