Bach for Two


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Johann Sebastian Bach left us three sonatas for viola da gamba and harpsichord. He made various transcriptions of the gamba sonata in G major, one of which was of the last movement as a trio sonata for organ. Several movements of the six organ trio sonatas themselves are also reworkings of previously composed material from his cantatas, organ and chamber works. This practice inspired the Bach for Two programme by Romina Lischka and Marnix De Cat, in which they have assembled the most beautiful combinations of viola da gamba and organ in both original and arranged versions of Bach’s chorale preludes and trios. Bach is a master of both the head and the heart. With text and melody as his starting point, he created small musical worlds in his chorale preludes for organ and takes the listener on the most varied of inner journeys. To experience musical joy, to find inner peace through every possible emotion, to be comforted in one’s search or sorrow, to be moved to the depths of one’s being — this is the art of Bach, the magician of sound.

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