Arianna Savall – Le Labyrinthe D’ariane


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In her first solo album as a singer and harpist, Arianna Savall introduces us to a repertoire from the medieval and Baroque periods performed with seven different historical harps. The music comes from three countries where the harp has held a prominent position in cultural life: Italy, France, and Spain, in which the harp experienced a flowering of unique variety and beauty.  Arianna Savall with her crystalline voice and her sweet playing, reaches the depths of these distant but at the same time so timeless music.

A lost paradise in which hope is awaiting now, to embrace us.

“On this occasion we join her in a joyful Labyrinth, one without a Minotaur, from which we emerge enriched by a beautiful experience both musical and mythological, thanks to the musical thread of another Ariadne and her newly evocative and inspirational journey in the company of harps and songs.”
Jordi Savall

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Arianna Savall


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