Anthony Burgess – Conversations With The Anthony Burgess Cassette Archive (1964-1993) (LP)


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LP1 – Archives  
A1 Flexidisc AB Discussing Shakespeare For The Book Society (1964)
A2 Tape_0526 AB Playing Greensleeves (1984)
A3 Tape_0526 AB Mock Sales Pitch For ‘Enderby’s Dark Lady’ (1984)
A4 Tape_0438a AB Lecture ‘Can Art Be Immoral?’ (1991)
A5 Tape_0685 Ab Playing Piano (1970s-1980s)
A6 Tape_0438a ‘Can Art Be Immoral?’ (1991)
A7 Tape_0645 LB Making List Of Desired Translators Of ‘On Going To Bed’ (1982)
A8 Tape_0438a ‘Can Art Be Immoral?’ (1991)
A9 Tape_0670 AB-W Playing Guitar, 44 Rue Grimaldi, Monaco (1980s)
A10 Tape_0438a ‘Can Art Be Immoral?’ (1991)
A11 . Tape_0625 AB And LB Lunching At Casa Frollo, Venice, As Seagulls Swoop For The Discarded Tiramisu (1988)
A12 Tape_0438a ‘Can Art Be Immoral?’ (1991)
A13 Tape_0100 AB Rehearsing Of Mozart Lecture (1991)
A14 Tape_0685 AB-W Playing, Possibly The Crumhorn? (1970s-1980s)
B1 Tape_0626 The Burgess Answering Machine, Monaco (c.1984)
B2 . Tape_0642 AB Discussing The Beatles (1986)
B3 Tape_0656 AB And LB Piano Duet (unknown)
B4 Tape_0581 AB’s Nantes Lecture In French (date?)
B5 Tape_0494 AB Giving Acceptance Speech For ‘A Clockwork Orange’ In Sardi’s, New York (1972)
B6 Tape_0655 AB Playing Beethoven’s ‘Ode To Joy’ On His Keyboard (1980s)
B7 21. Tape_0685 AB-W Play-acting In French (1970s-1980s)
B8 . Tape_0645 AB And LB Rehearsing A Speech, Referencing Strindberg, Engels, Kafka And Ibsen (1982)
B9 . Tape_0367b LB Reading ‘Chatsky’ At Home (c1993)
B10 Tape_0526 AB Mock Sales Pitch For ‘Enderby’s Dark Lady’ (1984)
B11 Tape_0100 AB rehearsing of Mozart lecture (1991)
B12 Tape_0685 AB-W playing, possibly the crumhorn? (1970s-1980s)
  LP2 – Remixes  
C1 Mr Burgess Says Writing Is Hard

Remix – The Reverend Max Ripple
C2 Human Being

Remix – Vicky Clark

Remix – Dinah Bird
C4 Ode

Remix – Alan DunnNoisesurfer
C5 Adjrust

Remix – Keiron PiercyRoy Claire Porter
C6 Vitrified Exhalations

Remix – Mark Vernon
C7 Tony B’s Monstrous Idol

Remix – David Birchall
C8 Janet And Howard Are In The Audience 2019

Remix – Marion Harrison
C9 Kubrick

Remix – Jeff Young 
D1 Whilst His Piano Gently Sleeps

Remix – Scanner
D2 Pronto

Remix – Ade BlackburnClinicPaul SullivanStatic 
D3 Canis Lupus Lupus

Remix – Foreign Investment
D4 Nantes

Remix – Tobias Hazan
D5 Nocturnal Hum

Remix – Eye Suriyanon
D6 Waiting For You

Remix – Foreign Investment

Remix – Band Of Holy JoyJames Stephen FinnJohny Brown
D8 Rue Grimaldi Remixed

Remix – Chris Watson
D9 Birds

Remix – Guy Marc HinantLaszlo Umbreit

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Anthony Burgess


Sub Rosa (Guerssen)


2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation


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