And When Did You Last See Your Father?


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ADAPTED INTO A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE, STARRING JIM BROADBENT”A painful, funny, frightening, moving, marvellous book … everybody should read it” – Nick HornbyAnd when did you last see your father? Was it when they burnt the coffin? Put the lid on it? When he exhaled his last breath? When he last sat up and said something? When he last recognized me? When he last smiled?Blake Morrison’s memoir is a candid, profoundly moving reflection on his relationship with his father, Arthur. Following Arthur’s cancer diagnosis, Blake witnesses the slow erosion of the man he once knew.

As his father’s battle with the disease unfurls, Blake reflects on growing up with Arthur in Yorkshire and their relationship in the years since he left home. From Arthur’s penchant for saving money – and the lengths he’d go to do so – to his wayward behavior on family holidays, Blake’s fearless account resists an unwavering celebration of his father, showing him to be outlandish and recalcitrant, as well as capturing his humorous and caring qualities. The result is a rich, nuanced portrait of their relationship, capturing the accommodations and resentments that lie cloistered within familial love.

And When Did You Last See Your Father? is a classic of the confessional memoir genre; a raw and shimmering interrogation of father-son relationships, masculinity, selfhood and pride. “This luminous tribute to a beloved dad made me laugh until I cried and cry till my nostrils were raw. A masterpiece – one of those books that you treasure forever” – Val Hennessy

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