And Also The Trees – The Bone Carver (LP)


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Within the panorama and filmic landscapes that open up from the music, stories and fragments of stories are told, about people, the spaces they occupy, their closeness and the distance that lies between them. Written and recorded over 3 years in London, Switzerland and in an ancient barn not far from their Midland’s roots, founding members Simon and Justin Jones who form the core of ‘And Also -The Trees’ with maverick drummer Paul Hill are joined for the first time by Grant Gordon on bass guitar and Colin Ozanne on clarinet. -Their inclusion brings a twist to this band’s subtle yet intriguing evolution. ‘And Also -The Trees’ have been performing live and creatively developing since they formed in rural Worcestershire at the beginning of the post punk era in 1980. Other than a period in their early years when they attracted attention from John Peel, the British music press and The Cure with whom they worked and supported on tours, they have operated mainly under the radar of the media and music industry as a whole, drawing inspiration from the dark underbelly of the British countryside and touring each of their 14 albums across Europe and as far afield as the USA and Japan. It follows their 2016 release ‘Born Into -The Waves’ an album that many considered to be their most accomplished. A rare accolade for a band of such longevity. AATT will be playing shows Summer and Autumn 2022 with a tour in Spring 2023.

  • 1In a Bed in Yugoslavia
  • 2Beyond Action and Reaction
  • 3The Seven Skies
  • 4Th­e Girl Who Walks the City
  • 5Th­e Book Burners
  • 6Across the Divide
  • 7Another Town Another Face
  • 8Last of the Larkspurs
  • 9The Bone Carver
  • 10Sun of Kashiva

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