Against the Tide : The best of Roger Scruton’s columns, commentaries and criticism


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‘His moral courage shines through from the start.’ – Sunday TelegraphThe definitive edition of the late Sir Roger Scruton’s philosophical and political essays and reviews, now collected in one volume. The philosopher Roger Scruton was the leading conservative thinker of the post-war years. In this book are assembled the very best of his essays and commentaries, arranged thematically.

The selection has been made and edited by Mark Dooley, Scruton’s literary executor. Throughout this collection, Scruton proves himself to be at his most scintillating and controversial. He writes with passion and conviction about such varied topics as feminism, racism, fascism, Tony Blair and Donald Trump, as well as subjects like global warming, music and architecture.

He takes aim at those who defy conservative common sense in favour of liberal falsehoods. This book shows Scruton at his most brilliant and demonstrates how his influence will remain strong and enduring.

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Roger Scruton


Bloomsbury Continuum


Janeiro de 2022


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