After the Lights Go Out


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How do you save yourself when you’re the person you trust least of all?Xavier “Scarecrow” Wallace is a biracial Black MMA fighter on the wrong side of thirty, who is facing the comeback fight of his life. He is also losing his battle with pugilistic dementia – a struggle he can no longer deny. In the nursing home of his father, a white man suffering from end-stage Alzheimer’s, Xavier witnesses shocking episodes that expose ugly truths about his past and his family.

And as the big fight draws near, a sparring session with a younger competitor goes horribly wrong, leaving Xavier faced with a dangerous dilemma: throw his match or suffer the deadly consequences. After the Lights Go Out is a propulsive exploration of biracial identity, the price that athletes pay to entertain, and one man’s battle to reconcile his past – even when he can’t hold on to his present.

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John Vercher


Pushkin Press


Setembro de 2022


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