Above The Law – Uncle Sam’s Curse


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Above the Law is one of the best and most underrated rap groups from the west coast, and “Uncle Sam’s Curse” may be their best album. Musically it is very experimental. Producer Cold 187um, one of the west coast’s best beatmakers, uses some electronic instrumentals with his usual heavy bass and whiny synths to create an almost futuristic sound, aided by frequent movie samples, snippets of speeches which people express their urban political views. The production is classic and the rhymes are deep and real. Their flows are layed back and sound like they are lacking some aggression and energy, but it’s their own thing, and what they rap about is real. This is pure West Coast G-Funk in your ear!

  • 1. Return of the Real Shit
  • 2. Set Free
  • 3. Kalifornia (Ft. Kokane)
  • 4. Concreat Jungle
  • 5. Rain Be For Rain Bo
  • 6. Everything Will Be Alright (Ft. Kokane)
  • 7. Black Superman
  • 8. The ‘G’ In Me
  • 9. Uncle Sam’s Curse
  • 10. One Time Two Meny
  • 11. Who Ryde (Ft. Tone Loc & Kokane)
  • 12. Gangsta Madness

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