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‘Livin’ Like Hustlers’ is the debut album by American West Coast hip hop group Above the Law. The album included two hit singles “Murder Rap” and “Untouchable”. Being that this group is affiliated with N.W.A., it should come as no surprise that Dr. Dre’s hands are behind the boards. These beats, which were co-produced by Above the Law (credited as A.T.L.) and Laylaw, rank as some of Dre’s finest pre-Chronic beats. Classic Material, that’s what it is. From “Murder Rap” to “The Last Song” (feat. Ruthless Posse) every song is a hymn. This is not just one of the most influential, if least-known hip hop records, ‘Livin’ Like Hustlers’ may well be Gangsta rap’s finest hour.

  • 1. Murder Rap
  • 2. Untouchable
  • 3. Livin’ Like Hustlers
  • 4. Another Execution
  • 5. Menace To Society
  • 6. Just Kickin’ Lyrics
  • 7. Ballin’
  • 8. Freedom of Speech
  • 9. Flow On (Move Me No Mountain)
  • 10. The Last Song

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