ABATWA (The Pygmy): Why Did We Stop Growing Tall?


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Lançamento 18 de Agosto de 2017

Rough-hewn, tribal sonics from the Rwandan borderlands.

Haunted solo & group singing meets hand-fashioned string instruments and

battery operated loop machines. The textures are strange and abstract but at the same time

intimate and joyful. The Abatwa (“pygmy”) are one of Africa’s most endangered peoples and

this album – produced by Ian Breenan (Hanoi Masters, Zomba Prison Project, Tinariwen) – is

a stunning, spirited document of their deep and varied musical culture.

This is the 4th installment in Glitterbeat’s acclaimed Hidden Musics series. Previous titles have

included Hanoi Masters, Khmer Rouge Survivors and Every Song Has Its End: Sonic Dispatches from

Traditional Mali.

1. Sida Ni Mbi (“AIDS is Bad”)

Written & performed by Christoph Ntabanganyimana with Bihoyiki Dathive:

Improvised rap with battery operated loop machines

2. Rwanda Nziza (“Beautiful Rwanda”)

Written & performed by Emmanuel Hatungimana:

One-string Umuduli player (single string instrument featured on cover)

3. Igira Hino (“Come Closer”)

Written & performed Bihoyiki Dathive:

Improvised rap with battery operated loop machines

4. Umuyange (“Protect the Environment”)

Written & performed Teonesse Majambere

Eleven-string Icyembe vocal duet

5. Urwanikamiheto (“War Song”)

Written & performed Beatrice Mukarungi

67-year-old mother leading her sons in song

6. Umwana W’umuhanda (“The Child from the Streets”)

Written & performed Rosine Nyiranshimiyimana

Improvised rap by a 19 year-old with a battery operated loop machine

7. Nzagukorera (“I Will Serve”)

Written & performed Emmanuel Hatungimana

One-string Umuduli player with battery-operated distortion amp

8. Umutesi (“I’ll Follow You Until You Kill Me”)

Written & performed Ruth Nyiramfumukoye (mother) & Patrick Manishimine (son)

Duelling one-string Umudulis by mother and son

9. Cyabusiko (“Night Streetwalker, Who Will Care for My Children?”)

Written & performed Jean Claude Nzabonimpa

Mbira, thumb piano with found-metal, rattle distorters

10. Nyirandugu (“The Hard Worker”)

Written & performed Jean Baptiste Kanyambo

Iningidi, one-string fiddle

11. Ihorere (“Stop Crying Now”)

Written & performed Emmanuel Habumuremy (husband) & Ange Kamagaju (wife)

Eleven-string Icyembe vocal duet by husband and wife

12. Why Did We Stop Growing Tall?

Written & performed Ruth Miramfumukoye

One-string Umuduli player

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