A Feminist Theory of Violence : A Decolonial Perspective


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‘A robust, decolonial challenge to carceral feminism’ – Angela Y. Davis***Winner of an English PEN Award 2022***The mainstream conversation surrounding gender equality is a repertoire of violence: harassment, rape, abuse, femicide. These words suggest a cruel reality.

But they also hide another reality: that of gendered violence committed with the complicity of the State. In this book, Francoise Verges denounces the carceral turn in the fight against sexism. By focusing on ‘violent men’, we fail to question the sources of their violence.

There is no doubt as to the underlying causes: racial capitalism, ultra-conservative populism, the crushing of the Global South by wars and imperialist looting, the exile of millions and the proliferation of prisons – these all put masculinity in the service of a policy of death. Against the spirit of the times, Francoise Verges refuses the punitive obsession of the State in favour of restorative justice.

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Françoise Vergès


Pluto Press


Abril de 2022


Capa Mole




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