A Degree in a Book: Art History : Everything you need to know to master the subject – in one book!


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Spanning from the classical sculpture of Ancient Rome to contemporary performance art, this vibrantly illustrated guide provides a rich overview of art history, covering many topics explored in a history of art degree. Learn to distinguish Impressionism from Post-Impressionism, analyze a painting’s brush strokes and discover the influences of Pablo Picasso.

Written by expert art historian John Finlay, A Degree in a Book: Art History is presented in an attractive landscape format in full-color, featuring iconic works of art through the ages. With timelines, feature spreads and information boxes, readers will quickly get to grips with the fundamentals of art and its fascinating evolution across history.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Get the knowledge of a degree for the price of a book in Arcturus Publishing’s A Degree in a Book series. Featuring handy timelines, information boxes, feature spreads and margin annotations, these illustrated books are perfect for anyone wishing to master seemingly complex subject with ease and enjoyment.

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