10 Lisbon Stories


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Cities are endless sources of stories. And Lisbon, lady and lass (menina e moça), is an infinite city: a safe haven for various peoples, home to several dynasties and a starting point of voyages to all corners of the globe.
As one of the oldest capital cities in Europe, in one of the continent’s oldest countries, Lisbon has been witness to centuries of history. The city of seven hills has a thousand different faces, all carved into its cobblestone pavements and tile-covered walls and hidden in the ruins of past civilisations beneath the monuments still standing to this day.
There is no corner, street or nook in this Atlantic city that is not filled with stories to tell, whether forgotten, still very much alive or sui generis. And even for born and raised alfacinhas (Lisboners), the obvious can serve as a disguise for the not so obvious. If you wish to discover or rediscover its history, here are ten stories to do so: from the ancient to the old and the modern to the futuristic.

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Joke Langens e Dirk Timmerman


Casa das Letras


Junho de 2022


Capa Mole




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